AIEEE 2009 Solutions

AIEEE 2009 Solutions & Answers Keys

AIEEE 2009 is another high pressure test engineering aspirants appear for after the IIT-JEE. The stakes are loaded high in this extremely important exam with many dreams resting on the outcome of this exam.

Naturally the anxiety and the stress doesn’t reduce even after the exam is over. would make significant efforts in reducing this post exam anxiety by making detailed solutions and answer key available for this test immediately after the exam this year.

The answer key would help students calculate their expected scores, and draw realistic expectations from the outcomes. It will also help them confirm the answers to the questions they were not very sure of.

Most importantly the solutions will lay to rest all anxieties that are caused by uncertainty about one’s performance.

The post exam analysis of the question paper would be done by an expert panel of competitive exam trainers associated with to give the AIEEE 2009 aspirants an accurate analysis of their performance.

The AIEEE 2009 Solutions, AIEEE 2009 answer key, solutions, expected cutoff and analysis would commence appearing at 1:30 pm an hour after the exam gets over.

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AIEEE 2009 Mathematics
AIEEE 2009 Physics
AIEEE 2009

AIEEE Tips & Tricks

Getting through the AIEEE is not all about conceptual clarity and knowledge of the appropriate formulae and theories. There is more to it than meets the eye. The defining characteristic is its timed MCQ format.

The basic idea of a timed test is that you have to work and answer under the constraint of time. Hence, a simple step-by-step algorithmic method of solving a question would only waste your time and put you at a disadvantage. What is required is a set of unconventional tools and methods of problem-solving, apart from the commonsense approach.

A crash course at leading institutes like FIITJEE; Akash; Bansal Tutorials, Kota; Sachdeva; Brilliant Tutorials would have given you ample exposure to the types of questions expected. The internet is full of AIEEE solutions for most of the previous years’ AIEEE Papers. It would really help if you can take some free online tests in simulated time or download a few AIEEE Papers and do them as timed tests.

Here are a few additional tips from our experts that will help you handle any MCQ format question with élan.


Tip-1: Relax

This is not the time to panic; this is the time to consolidate your preparation and be confident. If you have gone through the AIEEE Question Papers for the previous years, you would know that AIEEE is not a tough test. It is based completely on the curriculum that you followed at +1 and +2 levels. What you really need is to be mentally alert, though completely relaxed in the exam, so that you do not make silly errors.

Tip-2: Prioritize

Your first preference should be to consolidate the syllabi that you are thorough with and then take up, in convenient lots, the rest of the syllabus you are not so comfortable with. In this preparation, the past AIEEE question papers would come in handy. Shortlist a few topics based on the past papers and then systematically work on them. Once you are through with one lot of topics, you may take up the next.

Tip-3: Practice

Divide all the AIEEE Model Papers you use for practice into the following three parts. Each part should be practiced, and timed separately. This is because your strengths and weaknesses in different subject areas vary.

1: AIEEE- Math

This section is to be allotted the maximum time out of the three sections. The 35 questions you have in this section must be attempted in not more than 70 minutes.

2. AIEEE-Physics

The 35 questions in this section should ideally be allotted 50 minutes.

3. AIEEE- Chemistry

This section must be done in 45 minutes.

If you follow this timeframe in the actual exam, you would still be left with a comfortable cushion time of 15 minutes.


Always transfer your answers to the ovals, five at a time. This would reduce the frequent and wasteful back and forth shuttling between the Question Paper and the Answer Sheet, during the exam.

Proceed by the process of elimination (POE). Eliminating improbable options will help zero-in on the correct answers. This strategy would also help reduce the probability of errors while you make intelligent guesses.

Guesstimate your calculations. For example, you can easily figure out that the product of 302 and 402 would be slightly greater than 120000 (the product of 300 and 400). You may pick your choice accordingly.

Try these tips out and see how they work wonders for you.

All the Best for your exams

Team TCY-online