TCY-K12 CBSE Genius Hunt Begins

NEW DELHI, Jan. 15 — In a bid to better prepare scores of school students for their upcoming CBSE exams,, India’s No 1 Online Testing Platform, has launched today nation-wide ‘TCY-K12 CBSE Genius Hunt’ contest on its mobile app, TCY-K12. This 40-day contest will continue till Feb. 25 and registrations for the same have already started.
Up for grabs will be Ipads, Kindles and 40 consolation prizes. It is estimated that over 10,000 students from over 500 Indian cities would be vying for top honours.
“Now, since CBSE exams are round the corner, this mobile-based contest would facilitate scores of students country-wide benchmark their performance and thereby work on their weak areas ,” said Top Career’s & You (TCY)’s CEO, Mr. Kamal Wadhera. He informed that the contest would exactly be based on their CBSE final exam syllabus.
While the contest is open for schools, teachers and private institutes, students have to shell out Rs. 299 per head.
It is worth mentioning that the increasing problem of exam stress is attributed to a general lack of focus in exam preparation. With TCY-K12’s app thousands of students are already mastering their chapters by systematically identifying knowledge gaps and eliminating them.

The objective of this contest is to encourage students to use this digital-age technology to bridge their knowledge gaps to ultimately score well in their tests. TCY-K12 is out to prove that technology is the ultimate stress-buster.

How it works

In this contest a set of CBSE Model Papers will be given to students on the app to practice for CBSE final exams. The students will download the paper, attempt on a sheet of paper and upload the answer-sheet for evaluation. The papers are evaluated at the TCY-K12 evaluation facility under the guidance of CBSE veterans.

Post-test a detailed report not only points out the weak areas and common errors to student but also will tell him how to overcome these weaknesses. So the student is able to make focused remedial efforts towards a perfect score. Finally his score in the CBSE final exam along with his scores in the model paper would be taken into account in announcing the TCY-K12 Genius.
It may be recalled that TCY had already conducted a similar kind of contest in July last but that was only limited to States of Punjab, Haryana and Jammu & Kashmir. Over 3000 CBSE students took part in the contest after registering on the website Last year Sushant, Mannat, Mayank and Anshul won the coveted prizes.

About TCY:

Ludhiana-based Top Careers & You (TCY) was founded in 1998 with a mission to help every learner become what she/he was born to be. By using the power of Remedial Analytics, it delivers education that is distinctive and personalized.

TCYonline, an online initiative of TCY, provides assessments in the widest range of exam categories to individual learners as well as coaching centres pan-India.

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